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I’ve been many places over the years (digitally, not physically, because leaving the house is dangerous). I’ve seen what the internet has to offer in terms of sheet music sources, and it’s usually pretty messy. Sites charge unreasonable prices, sites are old and not well-maintained, you need several different sites to get all the categories you like, or they are difficult to navigate and look like they were made in the 90’s. Because nothing says “Retention” like the cringey tackiness of blocky UI.

Most people looking for music online will know what I’m talking about. It can be hard to find someone who understands the needs of a musician, and also understands web design at the same time. But recently I have found a new site, known as, that is all I needed and more. And I think you will agree.

This is my virtual sheet music review:


Virtual Sheet Music is *gasp* a site with virtual sheet music! (ʘᗩʘ’)

High Quality Sheet Music Downloads plus Audio Files at Virtual Sheet Music

Seriously though, it is. It has nearly every piece I would ever want to play. With a huge catalog of over 100,000 titles, and at fair prices, you can rest assured that you know where to get your next piece. The site offers a great sorting system with plenty of options, and a few bonus features as well, such as a metronome, piano accompanyment, and instructive videos.


This site is definitely up there when it comes to navigation when compared to other sheet music sites. As i have said, the sorting is simply superb. I liike to have all my categories laid out in a row, and this site delivers. Whether you need to find something specific, or just want to browse scores under specific criteria, it’s simple and quick and headache-free.

virtual sheet music review free piano sheet music

This site seems to be devoid of ads, which is always a nice feature. Ads are distracting and detract from the overall experience, hence why my website has none. There are cases where ads can portray content relevant to the subject, but that’s pretty rare. I usually get “lose belly fat” ads, even though I’m leik 30lbs lighter than average.

The site has a handy and comforting certification bar at the bottom, verifying that their site is secure and stable. They use PayPal and Norton Security, so it’s a solid environment.

virtual piano sheet music

Features n’ Stuff

Now, I understand the thought process “Why would I pay for royalty-free muic, which I could easily find elsewhere for free?” It doesn’t make sense, initially. I could litlerally just google “clair de lune free download”, and have it in seconds. Also, I’m a cheapo and won’t spend money if I don’t have to.

But this site has more to offer than simply handing you a pdf. First, on a lot of songs, you can select difficulty level. Name one other site that can do that. Second, this site offers a lot more organization and information than any other I have seen. Within the desired song’s overview, you will see that, included with your download are:

  • A PDF
  • An Online Interactive File
  • An MP3
  • A MIDI
  • (and sometimes) A Video

Of course, you can get them free off the internet using various gogle searches, but that involves sorting the results, which can end up being a tedious case of trial and error with some pieces, visiting multiple sites, downloading pdfs, untill you find one that suits your needs. And then you need a completely different site for mp3 downloads, and another if you want a MIDI file. And now you have no gurantee that those individual files match up, as they were all constructed by different people.

This happened almost every time for me, and at some point, you have to ask yourself if the effort is worth $3 to you. In the time that was spent, you could have been practicing your piece for a performance, or made yourself a nice cup of tea, or solved the formula for ending world hunger.

You have the option to download each file individually or bundled together in a compressed format, such as a .zip file:violin sheet music piano sheet music online virtual sheet music

There is also a free section. Every two weeks, Virtual Sheet Music offers a new item from its catalog free of charge. It’s a good idea to visit this spot regularly, because after one month, each title returns to the “for purchase” only catalog (is no longer free) and a new free title is selected. You can subscribe to the newsletter to stay up-to-date..

This website also features a membership service, where, for about $38 a year (that comes to about $3.14 per month, the price off a single title), you gain

  • Free access to over 2,000 classical & traditional titles
  • Up to 70% off on over 100,000 popular titles
  • Play along with unique Mp3 accompaniments.
  • Transpose music to print it for any instrument.

And more. You can check out their full list of features page for more info.

And if you are still unsure, you can stop, because they also have a 90-day money back gurantee. If for any reason a purchase on your end, whether a single score or a membership, fails to meet expectations, you can request a full refund, no questions asked.

Le Épilogue

Pardon my french

I like this site for many reasons, but mostly because the service fills a need that I had. The music is good quality, and for frequent users, the value of the membership is simply better than any other site has to offer. If you disagree…

Fight me.

Or just leave a comment, and we can talk about it civily.


Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions or remarks to add, just leave them in the comments, and don’t forget to share this post!

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