Tremoloa review: what even is this thing?

A picture of a tremoloa
The defendant

The tremoloa is a strange, exotic looking instrument (though there is some question whether it can be called an “instrument”), belonging to the “fretless zither family”, according to Wikipedia. It’s a pretty obscure item. Most people haven’t ever heard the name of it. Now, as a collector of strange objects, I simply had to get my hands on one of these. Lemme tell you how that went… Continue reading “Tremoloa review: what even is this thing?”

Guide to the Ocarina – steps to success

The ocarina has been around since the 19th century and has taken many shapes, styles and sizes. I, like many, was first introduced to its existence by the Nintendo game “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time”, in which the hero uses the music of this instrument to perform various tasks.

Now, also like me, most people find that they can pick up one of these glorious instruments (painted and decorated to look exactly like in their favorite game!) for only $12 on eBay! It arrives in the mail, you rip off the wrapping and there it lies, shining like a diamond. You hold it. You feel the power course through your fingers. You lift it up to your lips and blow…

…and a noise like a mangled train whistle comes out.

What happened?

I can assure you that this instrument is beautiful and elegant when played correctly. I will walk you through what you need to do to avoid catastrophe.

Continue reading “Guide to the Ocarina – steps to success”

Who This Guy?

I suppose I ought to begin with formalities.

Cool Cool. Ummm. WELCOME TO MY SITE……I guess…

Don’t judge. I’m new to this whole “human interaction” thing.

My Story

My manager tells me I have to provide more than a “hello”.  What a stickler…

Okay. I was born on a Thursday afternoon, when the stars were aligned with Jupiter and the seventh azimuth, creating some cool geometric graphs in the sky. It was lit. Continue reading “Who This Guy?”