iPad Music Stand Mounts – A Comparison and review

This post is a continuation of my “Digitizing Sheet Music” theme that’s been going on. If you’d like maximum context, here’s the link to my first post in the series: Bluetooth Pedal Page Turners

iPad Music Stand Mounts – The Only Way To Do It

Reading sheet music from a tablet is so very convenient and efficient. No storing 3 foot high (or 1 meter, if you like it that way) stacks of paper cluttering your space, no strong wind catching your papers, and subsequently, your hopes and dreams of an outdoor performance, and blowing them far away never to be seen again. Oh, and not to mention you can turn the pages without taking your hands off the real action.

But you can’t very well function with the device resting on your lap. It’s not secure, it’s awkward, it looks weird for professional performances, and it’s just not an option if you are standing up. If you are a pianist, this is no issue, as all pianos (that are worth anything, at least) come with a built-in music holding shelf. If you have a traditional music stand, you can also use that.

The device we are going over here is designed for those musicians who need versatility, portability, and security. Using a tablet music stand adapter is the best way I’ve found to accomplish this. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Different Models = Different Prices & Quality

Obviously, different companies offer different products, and with so many out there, it can be difficult to know which is best. I have done the research for you, giving you these models as the result of my searching, their prices, quality, and ratings.

And now is the part of the show where we meet the candidates:

Best Deal:

The ‘Hola! Music’ Microphone Stand Adapter

Price: $19.95

Amazon Rating: 4.6⭐

ipad music stand adaptor
The “Hola! Music”Adapter

Tablet Support Range: 6″ – 15″*

This is the best deal out there that I could find. *The range is claimed to be a 9″ difference by the manufacturer, while customer reviews on amazon say it’s closer to 7″, the design is intuitive and secure, while the price isn’t dirt cheap, but it’s not an arm and a leg, either. It has the greatest rage, being able to hold anything from a Samsung Galaxy S8 plus to a Macbook pro. That’s amazingly versatile. However, It seems to have an issue with devices that have very thick protective cases, so keep that in mind.

The design, as I said, is really intuitive. Instead of supporting the edges, it clamps onto the corners, locking it on all 3 axis. There is a Neewer knockoff model that mimics this function, but it only goes to 9.7″, and still costs $19. No macbooks for this guy.

The little Rollers on the end are tapered inward, so that with pressure, it forces the device in closer. I think that they could have done better by adding interchangeable different sizes, like how you get when you buy earphones.

The Competition is pretty bland

music stand for ipad
The “K&M” Model

The K&M model costs a whopping $84.97, and only supports 4.7″ to 8.6″, so you are paying more for less functionality. It’s mechanism is not as secure, either, and they had to add an extra arm sticking out the side to support it in landscape mode.

Several users, even some who left good reviews, say that it’s more complicated and frustrating to set up than it needs to be.


Cheapest Deal:

The ‘Linkstyle’ Microphone Stand Mount

Price: $9.59

Amazon Rating: 2.8 ⭐

ipad music stand mount
The “Linkstyle” Model

Tablet Support Range: 7″ – 11″

This one is cheap for a reason. The clamp that attaches it to the stand is not adjustable, so unless your music stand fits perfectly, or you are willing to modify the clamping mechanism by adding or removing material, it will not be secure. The range is enough to fit most devices well enough, but I really just included this for those who are really on a budget, or who want a temporary mechanism to try out the system.

Some Words

all of these models have reviews saying that they are not terribly durable, and if you are not careful, they will break. There doesn’t seem to be a super-durable model out there, so for all the rough-and-tough musicians out there, you might want to tone it down. I recommend wrapping them in packaging when traveling, and taking the regular precautions you would when it comes to musical instruments.

Did I miss anything? What sort of model would you use and why?

Let me know in the comments!

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