Virtual Sheet Music – The Best Sheet Music Source Online

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I’ve been many places over the years (digitally, not physically, because leaving the house is dangerous). I’ve seen what the internet has to offer in terms of sheet music sources, and it’s usually pretty messy. Sites charge unreasonable prices, sites are old and not well-maintained, you need several different sites to get all the categories you like, or they are difficult to navigate and look like they were made in the 90’s. Because nothing says “Retention” like the cringey tackiness of blocky UI. Continue reading “Virtual Sheet Music – The Best Sheet Music Source Online”

Simply Piano Review –

So here’s the skinny. There’s this app that has recently begun rising in popularity among android and apple users alike, known as Simply Piano, by JoyTunes. Catchy Names. It’s ambitions are as outrageous as it’s color scheme.

This app hopes to be the next Yousician, aiming to teach young aspiring pianists to read sheet music, and proper piano playing technique. It uses unconventional methods, stating that “It’s easier to learn when you’re having fun”. Rather than drill-and-kill memorization that has been popular for a few thousand years, it uses a modern scientific approach, which aims to keep things relevant with newer songs, making it easier for some to stay interested. Continue reading “Simply Piano Review –”

Free Sheet Music Apps – The best options out there in 2018

As you can see by the title, today we’ll be discussing free sheet music apps. Go figure.

Welcome to episode…what is this, fourth? Yeah, welcome to the fourth episode of Digitizing Sheet Music. So you got your iPad/Generic Tablet music stand mount for Holding up your tablet (Not required if you are a pianist. We’re so lucky), and you got your bluetooth pedal page turner, for turning pages without taking your hands off the action (Which is required if you are a pianist, if you want maximum performance). Continue reading “Free Sheet Music Apps – The best options out there in 2018”

iPad Music Stand Mounts – A Comparison and review

This post is a continuation of my “Digitizing Sheet Music” theme that’s been going on. If you’d like maximum context, here’s the link to my first post in the series: Bluetooth Pedal Page Turners

iPad Music Stand Mounts – The Only Way To Do It

Reading sheet music from a tablet is so very convenient and efficient. No storing 3 foot high (or 1 meter, if you like it that way) stacks of paper cluttering your space, no strong wind catching your papers, and subsequently, your hopes and dreams of an outdoor performance, and blowing them far away never to be seen again. Oh, and not to mention you can turn the pages without taking your hands off the real action. Continue reading “iPad Music Stand Mounts – A Comparison and review”

UPDATE: New post every Saturday

Starting this weekend, I have implemented an upload schedule, and will be putting out new content every Saturday. Since this is a pretty empty post, here’s a funny gif to keep you entertained:

Airturn, PageFlip, Donner. A Page-Turning Pedal Comparison

A woman struggling to play piano and turn sheet music at the same time. She doesn't know about bluetooth pageturn pedals.
Her left hand has stopped playing. This is not acceptable! (°ロ°)☝

If you already read my previous post about the idea and use of hands-off page turning devices, you’re probably thinking one of two things. “Cool, sign me up!” or “I have a sentimental attachment to my current form of page turning”.

If you are more aligned with the former, read on. If you are more aligned with the latter, refer to my list of Pros of using human page turners.

(that was a joke)

Continue reading “Airturn, PageFlip, Donner. A Page-Turning Pedal Comparison”

The Bluetooth Pedal Page Turner

As musicians, we’ve all been there, right? You’re playing along, you have your sheet music up on the stand. You try to get into it, to get a groove going, but you keep running into that pesky issue of having to stop, lean forward, turn the page, and start again. It’s really distracting, for you and the audience.

A girl playing violin while looking at music on a stand
Turning music requires your hands to leave the instrument

Must we really carry, store, and maintain all these paper scores? Let’s face it: paper is old.  There is a better way.

Let’s talk about that… Continue reading “The Bluetooth Pedal Page Turner”

Amazon Otamatone, By Maywa Denki. Is it worth it? Yes it is.

An otamatone
The item in question

Same story as the Tremoloa, I saw a weird object and I just had to have it!

This one is a little different, though, in terms of…well, everything. I watched some YouTube videos showcasing its quirkiness, and I loved it. This Amazon Otamatone was cheap-ish, so I’d decided to try it. I didn’t know what I was getting into. Continue reading “Amazon Otamatone, By Maywa Denki. Is it worth it? Yes it is.”